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Changes at the DEEP Centre

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Originally posted at Back in 2012 Anthony and I founded the DEEP Centre to help our federal, provincial and other industry clients better understand the key drivers to growth and innovation in the Canadian economy. Back then I was struck by the lack of focus on growth and on the high-growth firms that the data told us were at the heart of job creation. Our first reports highlight that focus.

Since then our team – led at various times with Warren, Kirill, Mary and Malinda – has put together an increasingly influential body of research around the key barriers to growth for firms in Canada and actionable policy recommendations to address them. Whether focused on the tech sector, manufacturing or services, our work has explored how and why firms in Canada grow from startup to billion dollar revenue and beyond and what role ecosystem supports and various policies and structures play in their evolution. Given the feedback we’ve received, and the adoption of many of our recommendations, I’d like think that we’ve punched above our weight in the development of actionable policy insight for our government partners.

Now while the need for such insight certainly continues, I’ve decided to step aside to take on a new challenge.

Effective immediately, I’ll be joining the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development as the Executive Director of Innovation Policy and Analysis. Doing so provides an exciting opportunity to help my federal colleagues craft our country’s innovation agenda and the policies that will drive competitiveness and prosperity for all Canadians.

I look forward to engaging with all of you wearing my new hat and look forward to seeing the DEEP Centre’s great work continue.

Best, Dan Herman.

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