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Made with Bravery -
the story of Ukrainian startup resistance

Magnetic Cities

Filmed in September 2022 in Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine. From coffee shops to bomb shelters. From work-life balance to work-war balance. "Made with Bravery: the Story of Ukrainian Startup Resilience" profiles how Ukraine’s startup ecosystem has reacted and adapted to life amidst over 200 days of full-scale Russian invasion, and how the lessons learned from war will help Ukraine scale to new heights in the world of innovation and technology.  WATCH IT HERE.

They’re magnets for talent, for business, for innovative and creative people. But why? What makes San Francisco, Toronto, Barcelona and other places around the world such dynamic places, in particular for tech entrepreneurs building the world’s next great companies? And how are emerging market cities like Bogota, Nairobi and Cairo looking to compete?  Magnetic Cities explores 18 of world’s most magnetic cities and explores what makes them great.

Status: In production 2022.  See the trailer here.

Their World Our Future

Most of us believe that the next great technologies and game-changing companies will come from places like Silicon Valley, Toronto or Berlin. A wave of entrepreneurs and innovators from "unconventional" places for innovation and technology begs to differ. Despite coming from challenging contexts, they share the desire to change the world - both theirs and ours - through innovation and technology. And by doing so, these entrepreneurs are breaking commonly held perceptions about where innovation comes from and who will shape the future. 

Series available at: 

Canadian Innovation:
Shaping the Future

Meet the Canadian startups transforming industries and building solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. From climate change to pediatric health, from Indigenous languages to healthcare in space. Canadian innovators are building partnerships to create exceptional solutions that will benefit Canada and the world.

Series available at: Canadian Innovation - Shaping the Future

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